About the service

Each of us has many things written or just stored in our heads that we need for everyday life.

But what if an unforeseen event occurs?

But how will relatives, friends, colleagues and others find out this information?That's what Informato service is all about. All your important information is in one place and you can manage it at any time. However, you don't share anything with anyone, Informato is not a social network. 

If an unforeseen event occurs (death, disappearance, incapacitation, inability to communicate due to serious illness), then this information will only reach the people you have designated in case you are no longer able to pass it on to them. 

But you can also access the information yourself after a certain period of time. This option is particularly useful for travelers to inaccessible and dangerous places, workers in risky countries, soldiers and doctors on missions, etc. 

The service is also intended for hobby organizations, clubs, associations and companies. Everything is not always written down somewhere, yet this unwritten information is important. When there is a change in leadership, successors are exposed to difficult situations. This can be prevented.

Informato service means peace of mind, security and a good feeling that nothing important will be lost. 

Informato is your digital safe.